Code of conduct and regulatory

Legend:  β–Ί On demand   πŸ—’ Case studies, practice notes and articles   βœ” Checklist

πŸ—’ Inappropriate prescribing?

What can you do to avoid claims and investigation about your prescribing practices?

πŸ—’ Are you being recorded?

What should you do if a patient requests to record the clinical appointment?

Navigating the ‘fitness to drive’ assessment

Guide for healthcare practitioners to assess an older patient’s fitness to drive with a brief outline of differing laws in each state.

β–Ί Mandatory Reporting 101

Understand your mandatory reporting obligations and the circumstances under which you will need to issue one.

β–Ί Road to recovery - The Dr Ong story

What should you do if you need to self-report to AHPRA?

β–Ί Medicare and the PSR - update and emerging issues

Learn your Medicare compliance duties and obligations under the Medicare billing and PSR schemes

β–Ί AHPRA unplugged - what they do and why

Equip yourself with all you need to know about AHPRA's notification and assessment processes.

πŸ—’ Drugs and poisons investigation

What should you do if you are contacted by the Department of Health about your S8 drugs prescription practices?

β–Ί Medicare Monitoring and the PSR

Understand your Medicare Benefit Scheme (MBS) obligations to avoid inappropriate billing practices.

πŸ—’ What to do when the coroner calls

Prepare yourself to provide medical evidence in Court and to deal with coronial processes successfully.

πŸ—’ AHPRA self-reporting requirements

How would you make a notification to AHPRA and what requirements you would need to fulfill?

NSW patient DOB on prescriptions and dispensing records

Patient’s date of birth (DOB) on all prescriptions that are issued or dispensed in NSW from 1 November 2022.

βœ” State/territory drugs and poisons units

Do you know who to contact to receive advice about Poisons Standard and/or the laws in each State or Territory?

β–Ί Disclosure - to MIPS, AHPRA and Employers

Know your legal, ethical, and professional obligations in relation to the open disclosure of harmful incidents to patients.

πŸ—’ Botox lands doctor before committee hearing

What are the regulations of S4 drugs for cosmetic procedures?

β–Ί Mandatory reporting requirements

Under what circumstances should you self-report or report a colleague to AHPRA?

Administering vaccines: You and your practice

Many practices will be administering the vaccine and should assess the potential liability of the practice and its staff and consider insurance coverage associated to these wider vaccine-related liabilities beyond the individual practitioner.

πŸ—’ Emergency obstetric services by non obstetricians

Is the MIPS Employer Indemnified no Private Practice category applicable to your situation?

πŸ—’ Medicare keeps tabs on your billings

Top 10 strategies to ensure your billings are Medicare compliant

Can a doctor sue a notifier for defamation?

Can a doctor sue a notifier for defamation?

πŸ—’ A touchy subject - Intimate examinations

Equip yourself with effective strategies to handle intimate examinations safely and free of risk of complaints.

How to avoid diagnostic errors in the ED

How to avoid diagnostic errors in the ED

πŸ—’ Familiarise yourself with the Coroners Court

Learn effective strategies to comply with your Courts' assisting legal duties.

PSR orders repayment of over $21M to Medicare

The PSR can severely restrict your ability to practice. Notify MIPS before a matter is escalated to the PSR.

πŸ—’ The coroner and you

Learn what happens during a coronial inquest and what is your role in the process.

β–Ί Drugs and Prescribing 101

Equip yourself with expert knowledge to legally prescribe S8 drugs of dependence across each State and Territory in Australia.

AHPRA updates Code of conduct

The latest version of Good medical practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia aims to provide clearer instructions and better explanations to healthcare practitioners of expected professional standards without introducing drastic changes.

πŸ—’ Reporting of data breaches

How do you know when a data breach is notifiable?

πŸ—’ AHPRA – Chaperone review and commendations

Keep up to date with AHPRA's recommendations in relation to chaperone protocols

πŸ—’ Self-prescribing - illegal in Victoria

Are you aware of the harsh penalties you may face if you self-prescribe S4 or S8 medicines in Victoria?

πŸ—’ Medicare auditing increase and the PSR

Learn the relevant considerations used by the PSR to define inappropriate practices.

πŸ—’ Colleagues in difficulty

Do you know how to identify and support a colleague in difficulty while adhering to your legal obligations?

πŸ—’ Treating friends, family and yourself

How to avoid the pitfalls of prescribing for family and friends?

πŸ—’ What is a subpoena?

Do you know the situations where you may legally refuse to comply or object a subpoena?

πŸ—’ Indemnity for medical evacuations from Nauru and Manus islands

How can MIPS support you in a Medical Evacuation Response situation?

πŸ—’ AHPRA survey reveals 1 in 8 doctors in training work 60+ hour week

Learn the main takeaways from the new National Medical Training Survey

πŸ—’ Medicare Shared Debt Recovery and penalties

How is a shared debt determined under the Shared Debt Recovery Scheme?

πŸ—’ TGA regulation of HCT products has changed

Understand the national regulatory guidelines for the supply of autologous human cells and tissues (HCTs).

πŸ—’ AHPRA takes immediate action as notifications increase

How likely am I to be notified to AHPRA for professional misconduct?

πŸ—’ Mandatory reporting 101

Answer all your commonly asked questions about mandatory reporting and your legal obligations

β–Ί Opioid prescribing – Know your state's Law, reduce your risk

Update your knowledge on on S8 medicines prescription laws

πŸ—’ The cost of repaying the PSR

How can MIPS assist you if you are asked to undergo a Medicare investigation?

πŸ—’ PSR recovers $29M from doctors

What kind of issues could merit an investigation of my practice by the PSR?

β–Ί Australian medical negligence litigation – A state of play

Understand the complexities of medical negligence in Australia

β–Ί The pitfalls when dealing with third parties in dental practice

Identify the main challenges for dental practitioners when dealing with third parties.

πŸ—’ Using the new MBS telehealth item numbers

Answer all your questions about recent changes to MBS telehealth item numbers in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Telehealth: Injecting risk into cosmetic practice

Good telehealth habits to ensure you provide appropriate care in cosmetic practice

πŸ—’ Real Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM)

Understand how Real Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) works and how it affects your practice.

πŸ—’ Relative Analgesia, Sedation, General Analgesia - Does it Matter?

What are the guidelines to safely practice conscious sedation during dental procedures?

πŸ—’ PBS legislation: Active ingredient now mandatory

From 1 Feb 2021 Active Ingredient legislation, it is mandatory for the prescription of medicines to be listed by their active ingredient.

πŸ—’ "Do I need to self-report to AHPRA?"

Understand your reporting obligations and when you should make a notification.

πŸ—’ Keeping up the pace: Regulation in a digital age

What steps can you take to keep your patients' data safe online?

β–Ί Safety, Quality, and improvements in Diagnosis

Reduction in the rate of adverse events and unwarranted variation – potentially produces productivity savings, over and above benefits to patients.

Advice for GPs: Regulatory changes for nicotine vaping products

Advice to GPs on nicotine regulation changes in treating smoking cessation

Independent Medical Exams - Conducting assessments for third parties

Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) play a crucial role in ensuring individuals receive a fair and unbiased health assessment

PSR identifies instant prescriptions as a concern

Review of the Professional Services Review Annual Report 2020/2021

AHPRA reports drop in notifications

AHPRA Annual report 2020/21 summary

β–Ί Informed Consent: Good practice solutions to common clinical scenarios

Learn how everyday informed consent matters can become more complicated than initially anticipated.

β–Ί Informed consent: A legal and regulatory requirement

How to identify why informed consent is essential to good healthcare practice and what steps you should take to acquire an appropriate consent from patients within your healthcare practice

β–Ί Opioid prescribing – TGA changes, the PBS and the Law

How to support the safe implementation of any changes in your practice to reflect the new circumstances surrounding PBS and TGA changes.

Open disclosure

Equip yourself with effective tips on how to implement open disclosure frameworks in your practice

12 Commandments to avoid AHPRA notifications

How to deal with the threat of a notifcation by following these simple rules from AHPRA.

AHPRA commissions review into cosmetic surgery

The independent review of the regulations of healthcare practitioners in the cosmetic surgery industry was announced on 30 November 2021.
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