Health and financial wellbeing

Personal and financial wellbeing are critical components of safe, ethical and legally compliant legal practice. Protecting your own wellbeing, may prevent you from being the subject of claims.

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πŸ—’ Mental Health & Wellbeing

Learn how to recognise early signs of burn out in yourself and colleagues and how to mitigate its risks.

πŸ—’ Colleagues in difficulty

Learn how to enhance adult therapeutic interpersonal relationships in healthcare settings.

πŸ—’ Intern suicide

Learn how to cope with stress and build resilience as a healthcare practitioner.

β–Ί Equality and self-care in healthcare

How do you demonstrate professionalism in healthcare?

πŸ—’ Your wellbeing career and patient safety

Why is your own wellbeing as a practitioner so critical to improve patient's satisfaction and health outcomes?

πŸ—’ Working under pressure and avoiding legal hazards

All practitioners are fallible and all practice has risks; a review of strategies to avoid complaints

πŸ—’ Car financing - your options explained

How to avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary fees when buying a car?

πŸ—’ Why does your Credit Score matter?

Learn effective strategies to improve your consumer credit report.

πŸ—’ Questions to ask before taking on a personal loan

What important questions should you ask yourself before taking out a loan?

πŸ—’ Personal Loan vs Credit Card

What are the most critical factors to consider when applying for a personal loan or credit card?

πŸ—’ Informed financial consent

Learn how to handle unexpected financial expenses due to complicationsΒ after a procedure.

β–Ί Taking care of oneself

Learn effective Cognitive Behavioural Therapy strategies and skills to improve your health and mental wellbeing.

πŸ—’ How to pay less interest by consolidating two or more debts

Learn effective approaches to avoid unnecessary fees by consolidating your debts.

πŸ—’ How to: Retiring from healthcare practice

What essential factors should you consider when planning your retirement from clinical practice?

β–Ί The good, the bad, the ugly & your wellbeing

Identify mental health issues affecting healthcare practitioners and how yo protect yourself and support colleagues who may experience mental health problems.

Be an ALEC on RUOk? Day

couple of tips that may help you when offering to help a colleague.

πŸ—’ Can age become an issue?

Equip yourself with effective tips to ensure you successfully transition into your senior years of practice.

β–Ί Budgeting and Cash Flow

Manage your finances better by increasing your financial literacy and understanding how to budget effectively.

πŸ—’ Premium vs budget hospital cover

What premiums and special covers do I need to be aware of when choosing a private health insurance product?

πŸ—’ Pitfalls to avoid when buying health insurance

How does private health insurance affect your tax?

β–Ί Debt management

How can you manage your debts smartly to achieve financial success?

β–Ί Understanding insurance

Learn about all types of insurance not just indemnity in this comprehensive unit

πŸ—’ Pause for thought

Equip yourself with practical solutions to reset, recharge, and recover your wellbeing.

β–Ί Being the doctor’s doctor - My experience of practitioner health and welfare

Equip yourself with effective strategies to protect your wellbeing and avoid burn out.

πŸ—’ Financial literacy of healthcare professionals

Why is financial literacy so important for healthcare practitioners?

πŸ—’ Countering the negative impact of bullying and harassment

What does the research into workplace bullying in healthcare settings tell us?

πŸ—’ Check in with your mates

Learn effective strategies to cope with stress and challenges

πŸ—’ Breathe easier

How do you quiet a noisy mind using your breath?

πŸ—’ Extras vs no extras

How does health insurance extras cover work?

πŸ—’ Give your relationships a boost

Learn proven strategies to build positive relationships at work

πŸ—’ Sleep on it

How can you protect your mind and body from the negative effects of sleep deprivation?

πŸ—’ Selecting private health hospital cover

What do I need to ask myself to ensure my health cover is tailored to my needs?

πŸ—’ How to: Budgeting and cash flow

How should you plan and budget to reach your financial goals successfully?

πŸ—’ Understanding your credit file: Credit where credit’s due

Understand your credit information and how is it used by lenders

πŸ—’ Career moves - How much does moving cost?

Equip yourself with top tips to plan for the cost of relocating for work or personal reasons

πŸ—’ Increasing financial literacy is critical now more than ever

Why is it a smart idea to improve your financial literacy?

34% of AHPRA respondents experienced and/or witnessed bullying

Synopsis of the 2021 Medical Training Survey results

πŸ—’ How to future proof your business

Learn the essential considerations you'll need to ensure your practice remains viable in the future.

AHPRA - Self-reflection is good healthcare practice

How to use self-reflection and self-awareness techniques to become a better clinical leader

πŸ—’ Smart time management for healthcare practitioners

Equip yourself with the most effective and proven time management techniques

πŸ—’ Cheap health cover can cost you

Identify the key questions you should ask your health cover to ensure is suitably tailored to your needs.

πŸ—’ COVID-19: Protecting your assets – personal and financial wellbeing

Learn successful and proven strategies to protect your emotional and financial wellbeing.

β–Ί COVID-19: Protecting your assets - The personal and financial impact on your wellbeing

Learn about resources available to you to protect your financial and personal wellbeing.

Continuous learning for your mind, your body, your soul and your career

How to make continuous learning an investment in your future

Health practitioner’s mental health – an MDO’s perspective

Learn how to identify and support those around you who may be experiencing mental health challenges.

Nurturing the ‘why’: How to rediscover your purpose as a doctor

In his compelling article, Dr Ben Bravery, a former cancer patient turned doctor, delves into the importance of purpose in the medical field. Drawing from his personal journey and experiences, he emphasises the need for medical professionals to define their "why" - their fundamental reason for choosing this path. Dr Bravery highlights how this sense of purpose not only drives exceptional patient care but also helps doctors navigate challenges and maintain their passion throughout their careers.

β–Ί Practitioner wellbeing during Coronageddon

This webinar is designed to assist members manage the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical Training Evaluation Results 2021

Medical Training Survey 2021 results shedding light on areas for improvement for young doctors.

The real wellbeing benefits of hobbies and pastimes

The importance and-real-wellbeing-benefits-of-hobbies-and-pastimes
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