MIPS Assist - Additional Discretionary Assistance

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MIPS Assist (formerly MIPS Protections) for non-healthcare risks

MIPS Assist is unique to MIPS and is an added discretionary cover that can provide assistance for non-healthcare risks arising from your clinical activities that may not otherwise be covered by insurance arrangements. 

MIPS Assist is subject to the terms and conditions of membership outlined in the Member Handbook.

MIPS will consider your request for assistance in accordance with the MIPS Constitution and the law. You can have a realistic expectation that claims under MIPS Assist will be accepted if the claim comes within the scope of the discretionary cover provided by MIPS. MIPS is more likely to provide assistance for cases that affect a member’s professional character or interests or that promote honourable and discourage irregular practice. MIPS Assist is available to members unless otherwise indicated on your Member Benefit Statement.

The type of things we can cover under MIPS Assist

Assistance, including payment of defence costs, may be provided for disputes that arise in connection with your employment, professional college or association and regulator issues, for example:

Employment and industrial relations
Advice on disputed employment contracts or providing assistance if you are wrongly accused of breaching your employment contract.

College, professional association or university
We can assist you with disputes you have with your college, professional association or university where you have been the victim of a lack of due process, procedural fairness or illegal discrimination (eg race, gender), for example suspension or expulsion due to misconduct or a breach of conduct.

Workplace discrimination, bullying or harassment
We can assist you to defend false allegations of workplace discrimination, bullying or harassment or respond where you are a victim of workplace discrimination, bullying or harassment and your employer is unable or unwilling to assist.

The type of things we are unlikely to cover under MIPS Assist

MIPS has discretion to accept or refuse assistance in whole or in part. MIPS may withdraw assistance, if your conduct is fraudulent or where you do not cooperate with MIPS or act in good faith. The following provides examples MIPS is unlikely to assist you with:

  • any accusations or acts that are malicious or of a deliberate, reckless or criminal nature
  • financial assistance to initiate legal proceedings rather than respond to legal proceedings (eg initiate proceedings that accuse others of defamation, libel or slander)
  • where you refuse to settle a matter that is capable of being settled. In this case, MIPS may limit the amount of defence costs incurred up until the earliest date the settlement could have been achieved
  • fund the cost of any repayment you must make to any statutory authority, government department or employer
  • further assistance on the same matter if your appeal is not successful
  • if you have not undertaken any available dispute resolution process
  • actions where you were practising healthcare outside your scope of practice or without being AHPRA registered
  • any activities that would otherwise be covered with the Indemnity Insurance Policy that is also a benefit of membership.

Members must obtain prior approval from MIPS prior to incurring any costs.

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