Practice management

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πŸ—’ Telehealth and the effective delivery of healthcare

The increasing need for telehealth has changed the way practitioners practice medicine

πŸ—’ Using the new MBS telehealth item numbers

MIPS panel lawyers Meridian explains the Medicare Benefit Scheme (MBS) β€˜telehealth’ items.

βœ” Ask the adviser: Insurance companies

What to do when a request is received from an insurance company, advice from our Professional Services Team

πŸ—’ Cyber security attacks - are you prepared?

Australian healthcare practices' storage of health records means mandatory obligations apply and there is a heightened risk from cyber-attack

πŸ—’ Separated parents - Don't become the meat in the sandwich

Negotiating family disputes over children; the practitioner’s clinico-legal obligations

πŸ—’ Employee relations - How to mitigate risk

Key management messages to respond to complaints, claims and investigations

πŸ—’ ‘Fit to fly’ rules for pilots

New certification permit GPs to certify pilots as β€˜fit to fly’ for light aircraft under certain conditions

Why should I insure my clinic?

Although your individual MIPS membership includes indemnity insurance that can respond to your direct treatment of a patient, and supervision of others, here's why you also need to cover your practice

πŸ—’ Avoiding common employee contract disputes or pitfalls

Tips and advice about signing an employment contract.

The perils of iron infusions

Common recurring themes among notifications involving iron staining

πŸ—’ Employee or contractor?

Having an understanding of your employment status clarifies the cost of indemnity and appropriate membership category.

πŸ—’ Indemnity definitions made simpler

Key terms in understanding insurance

Am I an employee or an independent contractor?

How to understand the nature of the employment engagement that you are entering into with another party.

Employment contracts – Making them work for you

Do you understand the agreement in your employment contract? Do you know your rights?

πŸ—’ Should you trust the data from wearable fitness devices?

The reliance on data from wearable fitness devices is changing the way healthcare practitioners practice medicine

πŸ—’ How to handle negative feedback online

Recommendations on navigating negative online comments

πŸ—’ After hours GPs can't shed responsibility for follow up

Dr Rob Walters provides advice to after hours GPs on the importance of communication and investigation

πŸ—’ Is it time to rethink your business structure?

An organised and structured approach is the key to operating a successful practice

Medico-legal safeguards when setting up a private practice

Choose the right structure when creating a private medical practice company

Raising standards of clinical care and decision-making

MIPS has partnered with the Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery (AFPS) to pilot, and roll-out, a set of clinical assessment tools.

IMEs - Tips for improved health assessments

How to create fair and unbiased health assessments as an Independent Medical Examiner (IME).

AHPRA celebrates changes to the regulatory landscape of sexual boundaries notifications

AHPRA abandoned chaperones in favour of gender-based restrictions and suspensions for practitioners with boundary transgrressions.

MIPS sponsored ANZA-SIDM - Improving Diagnosis Conference

Learning to acknowledge that diagnosis is complex and learning to embrace it as an iterative task that often requires multiple perspectives and opinions is encouraged.

Continuity of Care: Coherent, Connected and Consistent

How to not breach duty of care by providing connected and coherent healthcare when consulting with a patient.

The financial aspect of treatment in dentistry

The dental space is indeed a very small part of the medical indemnity area, but one where there are issues peculiar to dentistry, and notifications where the financial aspect of treatment and patient management are often of paramount importance.
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