Privacy and confidentiality

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πŸ—’ Privacy and Confidentiality

What are the lawful exemptions to patient confidentiality?

β–Ί Privacy and confidentiality

What are the lawful exemptions to patient confidentiality?

πŸ—’ Hackers love health data

Equip yourself with effective strategies to protect your IT and data security

πŸ—’ Australian Privacy Principles 2014

Learn how the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) apply to your practice.

πŸ—’ Changes to privacy - More obligations for practitioners

Learn what resources are available to ensure your practice complies with the Australian Privacy Principles.

πŸ—’ Cyber risk: The essentials of online security

What should you consider to secure your sensitive information online?

πŸ—’ Handling health information under the Privacy Act

Understand your duties and responsibilities under the Australian Privacy Principles and Privacy Act.

πŸ—’ Top 10 IT security tips for healthcare practices

Master MIPS' top 10 tips for healthcare practices to protect sensitive digital data.

πŸ—’ The limits of doctor-patient confidentiality

How do you keep your patient's privacy and confidentiality while acting ethically?

πŸ—’ Massive fines for data breaches

Equip yourself with effective strategies to avoid any data breaches in your practice

πŸ—’ Cyber: Legacy system letdown

How to best deal with ransomware incidents and cyber exposure?

πŸ—’ Legal and privacy issues with PIP QI Incentive

What should you do if your practice is part of the Australian Government’s Practice Incentives Program (PIP)?

22% of all cyber security breaches within healthcare

How to respond to cyber-attacks according to standards of best practice.

β–Ί Keeping up the pace - Regulation in a digital age

Understanding cyber attacks in healthcare

Online Reviews and Defamation

Amendments to the Defamation Acts of most Australian States were introduced on 1 July 2021 to curb unmeritorious defamation claims.
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