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Why students need indemnity cover

As a Healthcare student, you may be subject to a complaint, investigation, or legal action because of your involvement in the healthcare you provide.

Students undertaking clinical placements are more than likely covered by their education provider, but you may still be exposed to additional risks. MIPS membership gives students indemnity insurance and support should there be a complaint, investigation, or legal action because of your involvement in  healthcare you provide as a student.

Our 24/7 Medico-Legal Support is available to all members without charge. 

Electives and other healthcare activities

Your MIPS student membership is waived  and includes indemnity cover for student healthcare activities in Australia (including electives, observerships, scholarship and exchange programs) subject they meet the criteria.

This applies to student members who will complete their qualification in as well as outside of Australia.

Student volunteer services

Students who require cover for volunteering need to complete an application for Student Placements and Healthcare Activities

Professional advice and support at no cost

Our 24/7 Medico-Legal Support is available to all student members without additional charge.

Multiple indemnity providers

Many students are members of more than one indemnity provider. 

If a current member requests assistance from MIPS (regardless of whether they are a member with another indemnity provider), we would provide the appropriate assistance and support required to respond to the matter. We may then request contribution from the other providers. 

Joining multiple providers as a student member may assist you in making an informed decision when choosing a provider as a registered practitioner. 

Updating your student cover for commencing practice

If you are in your final year of study or recently graduated, you can transition your student membership to reflect you have or will soon be commencing practice.

To update your current student membership or apply as a new member complete the online form.

Membership for recent graduates is free from the day you complete your studies to 30 June.

Insurance cover is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. The information provided is general advice only and does not consider your personal circumstances or needs. You should review the Member Handbook Combined PDS and FSG and/or contact MIPS on 1800 061 113, before making a decision. Information is current as at the date published.

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