Why do students need MIPS membership?

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Students need insurance and support should there be a complaint, investigation or legal action as a result of your involvement in any healthcare you provide as a student.

MIPS has helped students with complaints made against them by patients, practitioners, educators and fellow students. If you find yourself in a dispute with your university or the hospital/clinic where you are doing your placements then MIPS can assist.

MIPS’ Indemnity Insurance Policy is a professional indemnity insurance that covers your acts, errors or omissions. Outside of Australia, you may see the terms 'medical negligence' or 'medical malpractice' insurance. This cover applies to all of MIPS’ medical, dental, oral health therapy and nuclear medicine technology students. 

It is mandatory for medical and dental students to hold appropriate indemnity insurance cover for healthcare practice.โ€ฏThis is typically provided by the university in conjunction with the hospital during your studies but not necessarily placements you undertake. Proof of indemnity cover is required by students when undertaking clinical placements. MIPS membership includes indemnity and support for student elective placements in and outside of Australia (excluding the USA).

While your education provider may indemnify you for your placements you may still be exposed to risks and need access to advice and support.โ€ฏMIPS membership gives students indemnity insurance and support should there be a complaint,investigation or legal action as a result of your involvement in any healthcare you provide as a student.

Benefits for student members

  • Indemnity cover for placements in and outside of Australia
  • MIPS Assist for non-healthcare indemnity matters (this is unique cover provided by MIPS which is the support you need if you have a dispute with your university, especially if it concerns your behaviour and threatens to suspend your studies)
  • Communicable diseases cover of $25,000 (ie if you contract AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B or C) during your placement
  • Comprehensive indemnity cover up to $20 million with no sub-limits including defence and legal costs for investigations, disciplinary or administrative proceedings
  • 24-hour clinico-legal advice and support (this service is available to all members at no additional cost).
  • Access to accredited on-demand CPD to get ahead of your fellow students

Case study: Suspended from placement

While on placement a medical student was accused of giving advice that contradicted the patient management plan.

She was stood down from the placement and the medical school conducted an investigation. When she contacted MIPS for assistance, she was assisted by a clinico-legal adviser to write a response to the medical school and the hospital explaining her version of events.

This helped to resolve the matter and she was returned to her placement without further consequence.

When does MIPS help?

MIPS has provided support and assistance for incidents involving:

  • bullying and intimidation by staff or fellow students
  • clinical incompetence
  • disputes with hospital or university
  • suspension from your course
  • complaints about taking photographs of patients
  • complaints from patients’ relatives about treatment and communication
  • inappropriate conduct or use of social media
  • boundary or sexual transgressions (eg intimacy) with patients
  • mandatory notifications to AHPRA or regulators.

Membership benefits cover approved supervised student healthcare activities

  • Observation, taking a history or performing the physical examination of a patient
  • Writing a patient management plan and interpreting investigations
  • Administration and principles of admitting and discharging patients
  • Communicating with patients, relatives and staff
  • Basic clinical activities (dressing wounds, venepuncture, cannulation, suturing, assisting in surgery)
  • Basic dental activities (scale/clean, oral health instruction, simple extractions, restorations)

 More than just insurance. MIPS is a membership organisation committed to providing members with the security and support they need through their career development. 

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