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Regulation in the field of telehealth has undergone recent reform. This is primarily because of concerns raised about the use of asynchronous telehealth where there is no real-time interaction with patients. There are certainly a range of benefits of telehealth, but it may not always be appropriate. In this important session we will discuss the full range of issues that telehealth can encapsulate, including: 

  • The updated Medical Board of Australia "Guidelines for telehealth consultations with patients”.  

  • What circumstances may or may not be covered by MIPS during telehealth consultations including overseas and interstate telehealth. 

  • Clinical discretion about when telehealth should be used. 

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This webinar will offer valuable information and practical strategies to enhance your understanding of the regulatory landscape and mitigate potential risks during telehealth practice. 

Learning outcomes 

  • Understand recent regulatory telehealth changes. 

  • Assess impacts on practice and indemnity. 

  • Implement effective telehealth practice systems. 

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