Insight Articles

Explore our Insight Articles for info on risk management, conduct, ethics, and more. MIPS resources support your professional growth and enhance patient care.

Communication Skills

Strengthen your patient interactions by enhancing communication skills with these effective strategies.

Complaints and Adverse Events

Navigate complaints and adverse events skilfully with MIPS's expert guidance. Maintain trust and safety in your healthcare practice.


Understand the importance of patient consent with MIPS. Ensure ethical practices and legal compliance in obtaining consent across all patient interactions.

Employment Essentials

Supporting you in your healthcare career. From hiring to compliance, ensure your practice meets all regulatory standards and supports a thriving workplace.

Financial Wellbeing

Access strategies for personal and practice finances.

Health & Wellbeing

Explore health and wellbeing resources at MIPS. Access programs and support designed for healthcare professionals to maintain balance and enhance wellness.

Medical Records and Reports

Efficiently manage medical records and reports with MIPS. Ensure accuracy, accessibility and compliance with the latest guidelines.

Member Case Studies

Learn from real MIPS member case studies. Real-world insights and solutions.


Overcome medico-legal challenges in healthcare and navigate complexities confidently.

Practice Risk Management

Mitigate risks in your healthcare practice and learn effective strategies for safety and compliance.

Professionalism & Ethics

Set high standards in patient care and elevate your practice with MIPS' guidance on professionalism and ethics.


Explore the latest in healthcare technology with MIPS. Leverage innovative tools to enhance patient care and streamline your practice operations.


Lead in telehealth with MIPS' expert guidance. and expand your practice's reach and accessibility.


MIPS support in case of patient threats
Discover how MIPS can support you in case of patient threats, ensuring your safety and offering guidance through challenging situations.
Indemnity rights when an employer refuses to assist
Explore how MIPS can help protect your indemnity rights when your employer refuses to assist. Learn more today!
MIPS assistance for ATO tax audits
Learn how MIPS might be of assistance in the event of an ATO tax audit.
Practice entity and staff cover
Gain insight into practice entity & staff coverage with our comprehensive guide, ensuring the protection of your team and business.
When to release health records following a death
Learn the guidelines for releasing health records after the death of a patient or doctor, and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
Dr. Owen Bradfield Joins MIPS as CMO
MIPS proudly announces Dr. Owen Bradfield as the new CMO. Discover his extensive experience in medicine and health law and its relevance in healthcare today.
MIPS 2021-22 Annual Report Highlights
Review the highlights of MIPS' Annual Report 2021-22. Key insights into our financial stability and member-focused initiatives. Learn more today.
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