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MIPS receives around 5,000 clinico-legal contacts from members each year. Of these, only a small fraction end up becoming a claim. In most cases, MIPS can provide advice that either helps prevent an incident from becoming a claim or assists a member to further protect themselves in the event of a claim. The following pages outline common questions asked by our members


What happens when...
Frequently asked questions about potential professional adverse scenarios
► Anatomy of a notification: Why patients raise complaint
In this webinar, we will discuss the most common causes that lead patients to report practitioners to AHPRA.
MIPS member report 2021
2020/2021 Chairman and CEO report
► Voluntary Assisted Dying
This webinar focuses on the complex and emotionally challenging area of voluntary assisted dying with the aid of subject experts from across Australia. Overview  Voluntary assisted dying laws have now been passed in every Australian State. ...
Case study: Supporting Patients through Voluntary Assisted Dying
Early requests for VAD do create the best outcomes. Regardless of whether the doctor receiving the request plans to do the training or not, connecting your patient with the Care Navigator Service will allow your patient to access the right information.
Major cosmetic reforms effective 1 July 2023
Author: Dr Owen Bradfield From 1 July 2023, there will be significant changes to the regulation of cosmetic surgery in Australia. These changes will have an impact not only on surgeons and practitioners conducting cosmetic surgeries and non-su...
► Risk Management for Oral Health Therapist
This webinar will equip you with practical advice on assessing your scope of practice, gaining informed consent, and implementing risk management strategies to minimise potential claims, complaints, or investigations.
► Year in Review: 2023 Medico-Legal Wrap – Up
This webinar will conclude our series of webinars touching on topical medico-legal issues, legislation, and contractual issues in an informal and engaging discussion. In this session, our group of in-house experts will discuss: Telehealth: Tele...
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