CPD Education

Elevate your healthcare career with MIPS CPD Education programs. Stay ahead with up-to-date learning resources and practical insights to meet your CE needs.


Health Practitioner Liability and duty of care
Stay updated on health practitioner liability and duty of care with our in-depth webinar. Watch on demand!
Understand, respond and reflect - the art of active listening
Master the art of active listening discussed in our webinar, covering understanding, responding, and reflecting for effective communication.
Year in Review: 2023 Medico-Legal Wrap–Up Webinar
Year in Review 2023: Medico-Legal Wrap Up Webinar. Explore key insights, trends, and legal developments in the healthcare industry from 2023, and learn how they impact medical professionals today.
Transforming Medico-Legal Education: Empowering Healthcare Practitioners with Adult Learning Tools
In today's evolving healthcare environment, medical and dental practitioners are tasked with delivering high quality care amidst a dynamic knowledge economy, advancements in artificial intelligence, and evolving legal and regulatory requireme...
AI Transcription Tools in Medicine and Dentistry: Risks and Rewards - Pre Webinar Activity
60 min Reviewing Performance Part A – Critical reading section From an evidence-based medicine perspective, critical reading is an instructional tool that develops healthcare professionals’ clinical competence by enhancing their metaco...
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