This webinar will conclude our series of webinars touching on topical medico-legal issues, legislation, and contractual issues in an informal and engaging discussion.

In this session, our group of in-house experts will discuss:

  • Telehealth: Telehealth’s role post-COVID and emergent issues, the recent media attention given to assignment of benefits requiring written consent, and telehealth from outside of Australia.
  • Employment matters: Dealing with contract issues, preparing for meetings with your employer, and what to do when being suspended or dismissed.
  • Medicinal cannabis guidance: What is required of a physician – registration and training, dealing with public expectations, and how to disengage when you are prescribing.
  • Recent decisions from the courts: Outcomes from 2022/23 court cases that have important medico-legal lessons for members.
  • Scope of practice: A discussion of the evolving issue of scope of practice, specific to both medicine and particularly dentistry.

Relevant to both medical and dental practitioners, this webinar provides a wrap-up of both medico-legal issues, contractual issues, and key decisions in Australian health law in 2022/23.

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This webinar is an opportunity to take stock, review the year that has been, and reflect on important take-home messages in risk education.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss medico-legal aspects of relevant healthcare topics including telehealth, employment matters, scope of practice and prescribing.
  • Identify the essential legal and regulatory considerations regarding telehealth, employment matters, scope of practice and prescribing.
  • Identify effective strategies to assist you in appropriately mitigating the risks associated to the above healthcare aspects.

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