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The below is a summary only. See the Membership Handbook for full list of benefits (including insurance cover) terms, conditions and exclusions.

MIPS membership benefits

Benefits of MIPS Membership include:

  • Up to $20 million of cover for claims against you. 
  • 24/7 expert medico-legal advice and support. 
  • Cover tailored to where, how, and what you practise. 
  • Resources and CPD accredited education modules to help you manage risk. 

Indemnity insurance policy

The Indemnity Insurance Policy provides cover for claims arising from acts, errors, breaches and omissions in your provision of healthcare services. It provides protections for Civil claims, such as when you are sued and require legal representation to defend yourself and/or are required to pay compensation. It also provides cover for investigations, proceedings and the legal costs of defence in these matters.

As a MIPS Member you have up to $20 million of cover for claims against you*. This includes: 

Civil liability

  • Clinical outcomes including diagnosis, treatment and consent
  • Breach of privacy
  • Telehealth consultations

Legal costs

  • Regulatory and other authorities
  • Employment, training and credentialing disputes
  • Pursuit including defamation, indemnity and personal safety

*Sublimit and excesses may apply, please refer to page 13 of the Member handbook.

Cover under the Indemnity Insurance Policy meets the professional indemnity requirements of Ahpra for healthcare practitioners.

Full terms, conditions and exclusions of the Indemnity Policy are outlined in the Member handbook

Definition of Healthcare

The MIPS Indemnity Insurance Policy can only respond to matters relating to the provision of healthcare defined as:

  • any consultation, interaction, support, treatment, advice, or service provided for the physical or mental health of a Patient; or
  • supervising, educating, and training of others in their provision of Healthcare; or
  •  education or training You undertake to enable Your current or future provision of Healthcare; or
  • any health-related examination, report or opinion prepared by You at the request of a third party, such as a lawyer, insurer or statutory body; or
  • Your provision of health system management, health-related research, or health-related advice; or
  • other activities You undertake for which Ahpra requires You to maintain registration; or
  • other activities which MIPS has agreed in writing will be covered under this Policy.

In the case of Student Members, the above clauses do not apply, and the definition of Healthcare is limited to Patient interactions that occur while You are undertaking a healthcare placement, or elective as part of a university course or degree, that is required for You to qualify as a registered health practitioner. For international medical graduates, this includes activities related to any observerships You are required to undertake to obtain Ahpra registration.

Accredited education and resources

Membership benefits include accredited education and resources to help prevent or mitigate loss, as well as assist you with meeting ongoing CPD requirements. Visit the risk education page on our website to find out full details about upcoming events and workshops or how to access and complete our on-demand education and resources. 

Contagious disease cover

If You are first diagnosed during the Period of Insurance with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Extremely Drug‑Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR TB), Multidrug‑Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB) or New Delhi metalloenzyme enterococci (NDM‑1) We will pay You $25,000 if You:

  1. retire due to disability; or
  2. significantly revise Your practice or significantly train or re-train to enable You to continue to practise. 

See the Member Handbook for full terms, conditions and exclusions.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Us, Telehealth is only covered where:

  • it is provided in accordance with any Telehealth-related guidelines and requirements of Ahpra or a professional college, or association of which You are member or fellow, that were in force at the time of the Telehealth consultation; and
  • at the time of the telehealth consultation:
    • You and the Patient were in Australia; or
    • You were outside of Australia, but only if You had been outside Australia for less than 120 days in the aggregate during the Period of Insurance and the Patient was in Australia at the time the Healthcare was provided; or
    • the Patient had been outside Australia for less than 90 days and You were in Australia at the time the Healthcare was provided; and
    • neither You nor the Patient were in the USA or anywhere USA law applies.
  • In the case of the use of Asynchronous Telehealth:
    • there was a pre-existing real-time clinical relationship between You (or an Ahpra registered medical doctor from Your practice) and the Patient; and
    • there is the capability to interact with the Patient synchronously.

Medical retrievals and repatriation

MIPS provides cover and assistance to members undertaking medical repatriation and retrievals where:

  • the Patient was repatriated into Australia; and
  • the repatriation occurred anywhere in the world excluding the USA or where USA law applies; unless
  •  it was agreed to by Us in writing.

Supervising other practitioners

MIPS understands that supervising other practitioners is a standard part of providing healthcare within Australia. We provide cover where you are observing, supervising, mentoring, or teaching another person providing healthcare; or restricting another person whom You are observing, supervising, mentoring, or teaching, from practising healthcare.

Practice entity and staff cover

The Indemnity Insurance Policy provides cover for practice staff errors and omissions, related to your provision of healthcare. If you qualify as a sole practitioner, cover is provided to protect your practice staff who assist you to provide healthcare. If you employ administrative staff, dental assistants or practice managers indemnity cover is extended to cover them in connection with the healthcare you provide. 

Any tasks for which staff require Ahpra registration to conduct are excluded from this cover. Administrative staff and assistants cover excludes claims in connection with cosmetic services they have performed.

Clinical trials

MIPS Membership benefits (including insurance cover) extend to clinical trial participation, subject to meeting certain criteria.

For further information refer clinical trials in the Indemnity Insurance Policy within the Member Handbook.

Gratuitous services (including volunteering)

Gratuitous services are services where you receive no remuneration and patients (or others) are not charged for your involvement for the services you undertake. This may include services such as prescribing and writing referrals and volunteer services. 

Cover may be extended to gratuitous services outside of Australia (subject to individual application and approval) as well as within Australia.

For further information refer to gratuitous services in the Indemnity Insurance Policy within the Member Handbook.

Good Samaritan Acts

All members, including non-practising members, receive cover and benefits for Good Samaritan Acts worldwide.

Good Samaritan Act means Healthcare provided by You voluntarily and without remuneration in relation to an emergency where You would not normally be expected to be available to provide Healthcare.

Claims made cover

Medical indemnity insurance in Australia is provided on a claims-made basis.

This means cover can only be provided for claims made and notified to the insurer during the policy period (including any retroactive cover period), rather than when the incident occurred.

For more information see claims made in the Member Handbook.

Medicare investigations and audits

Defending or responding to an audit, investigation or proceeding initiated by Medicare or the Professional Services Review, including responding to a notice, investigation, or complaint that is related to an allegation of inappropriate practice within the meaning of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) and brought under that Act.

This includes assistance negotiating an agreement with, but excludes any repayments You are ordered to make or that You agree to make, to Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, the Professional Services Review or other government body.

We will not cover You where You have acted fraudulently.

Insurance cover is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. The information provided is general advice only and does not consider your personal circumstances or needs. You should review the Member Handbook Combined PDS and FSG and/or contact MIPS on 1800 061 113, before making a decision. Information is current as at the date published.

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