Telehealth FAQs

Check your rights, legal obligations, and what is expected of you when delivering telehealth consultations.

✔ Telehealth checklist General

Equip yourself with a comprehensive list of practical steps to deliver safe telehealth consultations.

🗒 Telehealth and the effective delivery of healthcare

Tips and knowledge to help you assess the scope and limitations of telehealth consultations in your practice.

🗒 Using the new MBS telehealth item numbers

Ensure you follow effective and practical legal advice to deliver safe and clinically appropriate telehealth consultations.

► Career development and telehealth in the aftermath of COVID-19 Dr Mark Carswell

Get fresh insights into COVID-19’s effect on the rise of telehealth and career prospects for practitioners in years PGY2-10.

Updates in Telehealth Guidelines: What You Need to Know

As a GP and a patient, I know how crucial, convenient, and commonplace telehealth has become over the last three years. However, in recent years, concerns have also been raised about the use of telehealth where there is no real-time interaction with patients. Therefore, I want you to know that the Medical Board of Australia has just released updated "Guidelines for telehealth consultations with patients”. They clarify the Board’s general requirements for when and how medical practitioners should use telehealth, particularly in light of new and emerging technologies and modes of delivery
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