This risk education presentation covers five main issues of high relevance to all dental practitioners in dental practice in Australia. They are :

  1. Refunds as risk management tools
  2. AHPRA complaints 
  3. Effective communication strategies with patients 
  4. Scope of practice
  5. Employee/contractor matters. 

Presenter Dr Jeff Cox 

  • Graduated BDSc 1984, 12 years general dental practice
  • 5 years post graduate  training
  • Awarded Certificate in Restorative Dentistry 1997
  • MDSc in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics 2001
  • Registered as a Specialist Prosthodontist
  • Lecturer University  Dental School
  • Part time positions with Royal Brisbane Hospital as Consultant to Maxillo Facial Surgical Unit


To obtain a Certificate of Attendance and 1 hr CPD you must view the entire webinar and complete a feedback form. You may pause the video but you cannot track forward or back.

Watch the webinar