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This unit follows a series of video recordings featuring Prothodontist Dr Jeff Cox and examines scenarios where practitioners chose the right or wrong treatments for the right or wrong tooth.

Our expert presenter will canvass some interesting case studies and look at a number of common scenarios such as:

  • Right treatment - Wrong tooth
  • Wrong treatment - Right tooth
  • Wrong treatment - Wrong tooth
  • Right treatment - Right tooth - Wrong patient

Some important Golden Rules will appear including 

  • Informed consent with appropriate warnings/risks is an integral legal and ethical obligation for dental practitioners
  • Develop a standard routine procedure/the right habits, so that this becomes second nature in your practice
  • Detailed notes covering your informed consent will assist in defending  a complaint/claim or investigation 
  • Familiarise yourself with the Dental Board Code of Conduct


Dr Jeff cox is a registered specialist prosthodontist since 2002, Jeff has been in specialist prosthodontic private practice since that time. He has also held part-time positions as a lecturer at University of Queensland Dental School, and as a prosthodontic consultant to the Maxilla-Facial surgical unit at Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital. In addition, he acts as a Consultant and Advisor to AHPRA, Qld Health Ombudsman and MIPS.

Learning outcomes:

  • Guidelines for assisting in preoperative planning
  • Guidelines for assisting selecting the right treatment and ensuring the right tooth

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1 hour CPD

Other Colleges and Associations may allow self assessment of CPD. For all on demand content MIPS provides a certificate of attendance detailing the activity.

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