► The pitfalls when dealing with third parties in dental practice

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Dental healthcare practitioners work with various third parties to develop opportunities, promote public health and assist with modern commercial realities. This relationship impacts the delivery of dental care to patients and can sometimes come with its own risk to dental practitioners.

Third parties can include private health insurers and other ‘dental insurance’, Government agencies/programs, finance companies and injury compensation schemes among others.

Dental healthcare practitioners are obligated to follow third parties’ rules and requirements due to monitoring and auditing by these third parties. Should there be a decline in the relationship or adverse findings, there may be implications which are commercial or regulatory, such as referral to the Dental Board.

With the aid of case studies this session will cover the guiding principles provided in the Dental Board of Australia’s Code of Conduct which should be referenced and followed to help you avoid any pitfalls. 

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the main challenges and clinico-legal issues related to communicating and working in partnership with third parties in dental practice.
  • Discuss how to implement relevant Good Practice principles as outlined in the Dental Board’s Code of Conduct.
  • Describe effective strategies to put in place in common healthcare practice scenarios to avoid clinico-legal risk.

Presented by Dr Elizabeth Milford

With more than ten years’ experience in health management, Elizabeth is an impressive all-rounder in the dental sector. As well as roles as a lecturer and consultant, she specialises in accreditation and governance. Her broad network and high-level roles keep her up to date and influential in the broader health political environment. Passionate about the world of dentistry, Dr Elizabeth Milford works individually as a mentor and broadly as an advocate for more fulfilling work-life. A national speaker, she draws on her experiences combined with current research to engage audiences on how they can create a more satisfying career.

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