This webinar examines a variety of challenges primarily dealing with the assessment and treatment of overweight and obese patients. Alicia Zaniewska, a Dietician, will discuss the clinico-legal risks of failing to address obesity, how practitioners can broach the subject with their patients, what practical advice they can provide, an overview of the RACGP SNAP Guidelines and referral options including what you can expect when you refer your patient to a dietitian.

Key elements that will be discussed include:

  • Context around this difficult topic
  • Current barriers to the assessment and treatment of overweight and obesity in patients
  • Broaching the subject with your patients (inc. overview of SNAP Guidelines - 5As)
  • Practical advice to empower patients
  • Review referral options
  • Dietitian’s perspective - Clinico-legal risks of failing to address obesity


Alicia Zaniewska,  Senior Health Coach and Accredited Practising Dietitian from Remedy Healthcare

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to broach the subject of overweight or obesity with patients in a professionally sensitive manner
  • Familiarity with incorporating the ‘5 As’ in practice and empowering patients to play an integral role in managing their own health
  • Steps to help patients commence a plan to address obesity and support long term behaviour change  

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance you must view the entire webinar and complete a feedback form. You may pause the video but you cannot track forward or back.

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