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All members as healthcare professionals in Australia are subject to AHPRA's mandatory reporting requirements, that is, of possibly being reported by a colleague or you reporting a colleague. 

This webinar considers in detail your obligations to make a mandatory notification and what to properly consider in order to make such a decision. This is not a simple task and such decisions must always be considered carefully. 

Learning objectives

  1. Discuss the AHPRA mandatory reporting requirement of health practitioners
  2. Outline the various AHPRA guidelines and your obligations
  3. Apply strategies to avoid or minimise non compliance with your AHPRA requirements


Dr Peter Simpson is a General Practitioner originally from NSW with 35 years of clinico-legal experience, assisting healthcare practitioners with AHPRA complaints, notifications and managing risks in clinical practice. He currently resides in Queensland and provides clinico legal advise out of the Brisbane office of MIPS. He is a regular contributor of MIPS risk education. 

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