► Communication: It doesn't have to be so clinical

Every patient is different. Due to the ever changing needs of your patients, treatment of individuals must be tailored, while still keeping within your boards codes and guidelines and meeting general requirements. As a medical defence insurer, MIPS is sometimes also notified of the breakdown in communication between colleagues and how this can impact not only the welfare of practitioners, but also the patients they treat.

This webinar is designed to inform you that fine tuning your communication style doesn’t require further study! It doesn’t have to be so clinical, it comes down to following some basic rules which will hold you in good stead throughout your career. This webinar will cover some key codes of conduct and the main college guidelines to also help you navigate through any difficult scenarios when communicating with your patients and colleagues.


Dr Chris Bolton has worked as a clinico-legal adviser for MIPS for over ten years. Professionally he is a full time practising paediatric anaesthetist who has worked both in Australia and Canada. He was awarded a PhD in 2005 for his work in the evaluation of quality in clinical practice.

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