Estimating your annual private billings, salary

When undertaking non-employer indemnified (private) practice MIPS requires you to provide estimated billings and or salary to determine the level of cover required for that practice.

  • Billings generated by you from all areas of your private practice whether retained by you or otherwise, and before any apportionment or deduction of any expenses and/or tax.
    • excludes any billings where indemnity is provided by your employer
    • if your billings are unknown you can provide your gross salary instead of billings.
  • Salary you receive for private practice where billings are not generated under your provider number (or billed by a third party on your behalf). You should also include any salary you receive for supervision of other practitioners.
    • excludes any salary where indemnity is provided by your employer
    • excludes any salary for practice where you have already provided estimated billings for that practice.

Members are required to notify MIPS as soon as they become aware that their estimated hours, billings and/or salary does not accurately reflect the level of cover required for the membership period.

To update your estimated gross private billings and / or salary complete a Membership classification update.

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