MPS/MIPS reciprocal cover

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The Medical Protection Society (MPS) and Medical Indemnity Protection Society (MIPS) have an arrangement for MPS members seeking medical indemnity cover whilst undertaking employer indemnified practice*  in Australia. 

To be eligible for cover under the reciprocal arrangement you are required to be a current MPS member and maintain your membership whilst you practice in Australia.

The maximum period you can be covered under the reciprocal arrangement is two years from the date you first commenced practice in Australia (ie retroactive cover date) and will also include any membership period remaining until 30 June. This applies regardless of any break in continuity of practice in Australia.

Your MIPS membership fee will be paid by the MPS. You will need to contact the MPS directly regarding their membership fees.

To apply for reciprocal cover you will need to contact MPS and complete the MIPS Membership Application

Employer indemnified practice refers to practice where your employer has agreed to indemnify you (to meet your AHPRA registration indemnity requirements) for any civil claims as a result of your acts, errors and omissions in carrying out your duties. This type of practice is usually undertaken in a public hospital setting however you may also be indemnified by your employer in a private setting. For further information regarding the cover and assistance provided refer to the Member Handbook

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