No longer practising in Australia

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Medical indemnity insurance in Australia is provided on a claims-made basis. This approach is different to some other countries, such as the UK, where cover is generally provided on a claims-incurred basis. Under a claims-made policy, you are only covered if you are a member at the time the claim is made against you and reported to MIPS.    

When you finish your placement in Australia, MIPS will request you update your details to run off cover which is offered at no cost under the reciprocal arrangement. You can notify MIPS you have ceased practice in Australia and update your details to run off cover by completing the Ceasing Practice in Australia form

You should also contact MPS to advise them you are returning to practice in your country of origin and ensure your indemnity arrangements are current.

Please note, if you do not complete the form to update your details to run off cover, your MIPS membership will lapse 30 June. If your MIPS membership lapses, your benefits of membership (including insurance cover) cease and you are no longer covered for any new incidents or claims that are notified to MIPS even if those events occurred while you were a member of MIPS.

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