Navigating Indemnity Arrangements: Choosing the Right MIPS Membership Classification

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At MIPS, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive support to enhance your practice.

One of the key aspects of this support is ensuring that your indemnity arrangements are right for your specific needs. We understand that the nature of your practice can vary greatly, and it's not always as simple as distinguishing between public and private hospitals or public and private patients.  

To determine the most appropriate MIPS membership classification, we ask our members to confirm if they are 'employer indemnified, 'non-employer indemnified' or undertake a mix of employer indemnified and non-employer indemnified practice. There is no need to determine if patients are public or private or you are working in a public or private hospital.  

Employer Indemnified Practice is where your employer has agreed to indemnify you for any civil claims arising from your provision of healthcare. Where you are employer indemnified for 100% of your practice, the MIPS 'employer indemnified only' classification will apply, regardless of whether you are in public or private setting and treating public or private patients.  

Non-Employer Indemnified Practice refers to practice where you where you are not indemnified by your employer for any civil claims arising from your healthcare practice regardless of whether these services are undertaken in a public or private setting. 

For those members undertaking practice that is not indemnified by their employer, we require the following information: 

Gross Annual Billings: This refers to the total value of your billings, whether you retain the entire amount or not. It encompasses all amounts billed to patients under your provider number, whether billed directly by you or through a third party. This includes payments from individuals and bulk billing amounts. 

Gross Annual Salary: If applicable, please provide your annual salary for practice where billings are not generated. This could include salaries received for supervising other practitioners or conducting ward rounds. 

If your practice is covered by your employer, we do not require information regarding billings or salary amounts for that practice. 

By providing this information, you help us ensure that your MIPS membership accurately reflects your professional circumstances and indemnity needs.   

If you are uncertain of your indemnity arrangements, you should first seek advice from your employer. Medical practitioners employed under contract in the public hospital system can contact the Australian Salaried Medical Officer Federation for advice regarding the indemnity provided under their contract. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with your membership classification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team on 1800 061 113.

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