► Online interactions - What should you do?

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Healthcare practitioners deal with several communication mediums daily from practice websites, appointment platforms, apps and social media. These are all subject to the typical rules of ethical and professional behaviour expected of health professionals. AHPRA and the Boards have clear Code of conduct requirements when it comes to practitioners interacting with their patients online. With easy access to various message boards and online forums and groups, your patients can now more readily engage with you either in a positive or negative capacity and this can bring with it issues fraught with legal and regulatory implications. 


Sarah Hull (Barry Nilsson Lawyers) and Chris Melin (MIPS) will discuss how you can safely manage interactions online between you and your patient. What are your options when faced with online criticism? Do you or should you respond, and can you request removal? A number of case studies will also be highlighted to illustrate some of the most common scenarios with which MIPS members have approached us.

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