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  1. Internship Survival Guide: Insights & Tips

    Navigate your medical internship with MIPS' essential tips, from asking questions to maintaining well-being. Perfect for new interns aiming for success.
  2. Importance of Insuring Your Clinic

    Discover why insuring your medical clinic is vital. MIPS explains the benefits of practice entity coverage, including cyber risks and legal challenges.
  3. Telehealth Practices FAQ Guide

    Explore MIPS' detailed FAQs on telehealth practices. Clarifying coverage, regulations, and practical aspects for healthcare professionals.
  4. Understanding the Illegality of Self-Prescribing in Victoria

    Learn about the legal consequences of self-prescribing in Victoria for medical practitioners. Avoid risks and understand the law.
  5. Professional Boundaries in Healthcare

    Understand the importance of maintaining professional boundaries in healthcare with MIPS. Guidance on ethical and legal considerations. Read today.
  6. Managing Challenging Patient Interactions

    Navigate challenging patient interactions with MIPS' guidance. Learn effective communication and conflict resolution strategies. Learn more now.
  7. Fitness to Drive Assessment Guide

    Explore the complexities of assessing older patients' fitness to drive with MIPS. Guidelines and tools for healthcare practitioners. Stay informed & compliant.
  8. Run off cover and why you need it

    When you cease practice in Australia (permanently or temporarily), the potential for claims relating to your past clinical practice continues.
  9. Cybersecurity Threats in Healthcare

    Learn about the rise in cybersecurity breaches in healthcare on MIPS. Learn everything you need to know to protect sensitive data with best practices.
  10. Dentist wins against negative Google review

    How a well-known periodontist in Melbourne, commenced proceedings against a patient alleging that she defamed her in four publications on Google reviews.
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