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  1. MPS/MIPS Reciprocal Cover

    Information about the Medical Indemnity Protection Society (MIPS) and the Medical Protection Society (MPS) reciprocal agreement.
  2. 🗒 Saving lives: An open letter to junior doctors

    Learn proven ways to look after yourself and avoid burnout.
  3. 🗒 What to expect when you're 'interning'

    Sleep, exercise, laugh, stretch, have sex, have vegetables, call your parents, remember to vote.
  4. 🗒 The limits of doctor-patient confidentiality

    How do you keep your patient's privacy and confidentiality while acting ethically?
  5. Why should I insure my clinic?

    Although your individual MIPS membership includes indemnity insurance that can respond to your direct treatment of a patient, and supervision of others, here's why you also need to cover your practice
  6. Telehealth FAQs

    Check your rights, legal obligations, and what is expected of you when delivering telehealth consultations.
  7. Practising with care: Resolving challenging patient interactions

    How to deal with challenging patient interactions
  8. 🗒 Keeping within professional boundaries

    Equip yourself with effective strategies to establish and maintain professional boundaries
  9. 🗒 Self-prescribing - illegal in Victoria

    Are you aware of the harsh penalties you may face if you self-prescribe S4 or S8 medicines in Victoria?
  10. 22% of all cyber security breaches within healthcare

    How to respond to cyber-attacks according to standards of best practice.
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