MIPS members contact our Professional Services clinico-legal advisory team almost daily for advice on a variety of scenarios which may create clinico legal risk should there be an adverse or unexpected outcome.

In this webinar we have assembled an expert legal and clinical panel who following a video vignette of each topic, will clearly articulate their key pieces of advice to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls and put you in a position to enable MIPS to provide you with the best possible defence. 

The experts panel consists of:

  • Dr Nichola Davis General Practitioner, RACGP exam setter and MIPS adviser and risk education presenter 
  • Dr Gerry Clausen Prostodontist and MIPS dento legal adviser and risk education presenter 
  • Dr Chris Bolton  Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist and MIPS adviser 
  • Dr Radhika Sheorey  General Practitioner 
  • Kellie Dell’Oro Meridian Solicitors 
  • Russell Jones MIPS Manager Litigation & Indemnity

Learning outcomes

  • Discuss why appropriate health records are required
  • Improve understanding of current potential legal and regulator risk
  • Implement practice strategies to minimise the risk of claim, complaint or investigation and or mitigate outcomes 

The following important Health Records topics covered include Privacy and confidentiality, Clinico-Legal requirements, Medicare, Follow up

With case studies involving Drug seeking patients and Boundary transgressions

Watch the webinar