Premium Support Scheme (medical practitioners only)

The Premium Support Scheme (PSS) is an Australian Government initiative that helps eligible medical practitioners with their medical indemnity costs.  MIPS administers the scheme on behalf of Medicare Australia. Eligible doctors who receive a PSS subsidy see it as a reduction of their MIPS membership fee.  Eligibility for the PSS includes:

  • medical practitioners whose gross medical indemnity costs exceed 7.5% of estimated gross income private billings; or
  • procedural general practitioners in a rural area
  • former MISS participants (previously applied for and deemed eligible)
  • medical practitioners practicing in the public sector only and their membership fee includes run-off cover for previous private practice.

You can apply for the PSS through MIPS by completing a Premium Support Scheme Application.

Further information regarding the PSS is available from the Department of Health and Ageing website.

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