A fascinating webinar indicating that depression and anxiety among healthcare practitioners is on the rise. Unfortunately there seems to be a reluctance in seeking help when it comes to their own mental health. Managing anxiety and depression and implementing practical self-empowering lifelong strategies around nutrition, sleep and exercise have become the primary focus. 

Learning outcomes

  • Develop insight into your own mental health including identifying 'red flags'
  • Identify when a colleague is at risk from mental health issues
  • Implement yearly check ups for all GPs at your practice


Ms Nicci Temper is an accredited practising dietitian, mental health coach and MindStep Services Manager for Remedy Healthcare. Ms Tepper has extensive experience working with individuals who suffer anxiety using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). In this session, she will share some the skills and strategies she has learned over the years. 

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance you must view the entire webinar and complete a feedback form. You may pause the video but you cannot track forward or back.

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