This webinar is designed to assist international medical and dental graduates adjust to Australian practice.

International practitioners make a valuable contribution to Australian healthcare, especially in rural communities. Without you, many Australians would find it difficult and in some cases, near impossible, to access good quality healthcare.

We know there is limited support for migrant healthcare practitioners and their families when they embark on a career in Australia. This is why MIPS is offering this  webinar. We invite you to share this invitation with your fellow ex-pats who may also benefit.

In this sessions we will cover A the medical indemnity requirements in Australia and the benefits of MIPS membership which include indemnity insurance. MIPS will also provide a reminder and update on some of the key risk red flags MIPS IMG members experience in the Australian practice landscape. Importantly, a range of risk mitigation strategies will be provided to smooth your journey for when practising in Australia. 

Learning outcomes

  • Improve your understanding of medical indemnity requirements
  • Increase your knowledge of the risks facing international medical graduates
  • Develop strategies to minimise your risk of complaint and investigation


Dr Liliana Sousa Nanji is a young doctor originally trained in Portugal, Europe, and now working as a Senior Neurosurgical Resident at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. She is interested in educating and advocating for junior doctors, particularly fellow International Medical Graduates. She has faced a number of adversities in her last year working in the new environment that is an Australian hospital and believes most situations can be more easily controlled when doctors have strategies organised in advance. Liliana now collaborates with MIPS to bring to life the ideal of having safe and aware junior doctors throughout Australia.

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance you must view the entire webinar and complete a feedback form. You may pause the video but you cannot track forward or back.

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