In this webinar we have assembled a panel of experts to explain and rationalise the potential sequence of events following the death of a member’s patient, to the Coroner’s investigation, inquest, findings and recommendations all of which may implicate members.

The purpose and requirements of the coronial process will be explained as you travel through the life of a coronial inquest in a series of case study stages of the inquest process. The event will incorporate the demonstration of important stages of this process ( including the court cross examination of our member) in a series of informative panel discussions and audio vignettes featuring our facilitator and panel solicitors familiar with this jurisdiction.


Dr Nichola Davis, GP, RACGP exam setter and MIPS clinico legal adviser and risk education presenter for the past 15 years. Dr Davis will raise and discuss important elements with two major players in health law in Victoria. 

Lara Larking, Partner, Ball + Partners , who sits on the MIPS legal panel and represents members for negligence claims, disciplinary proceedings, Medicare and various investigations including Coronial inquests. 

David Maddocks, Partner Perry Maddocks Trollope, again from MIPS legal panel, who practices in personal injury litigation defending claims and investigations against members including Coronial inquests. 

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