Updated Articles

  1. Honour before Honours

    Associate Prof Bruce Chater OAM, winner of AMAQ Rural Health Medal shares some of their story with us.
  2. ✔ COVID-19 resources

    FAQs and resources for working during the COVID-19 pandemic for dcotors and dentists
  3. ► Keeping up the pace - Regulation in a digital age

    Understanding cyber attacks in healthcare
  4. Apply for membership

    Start and application or request a quote
  5. Short term cover

    MIPS can provide cover for a short-term period of practice.
  6. What happens when...

    Frequently asked questions about potential professional adverse scenarios
  7. 🗒 Employee or contractor?

    Having an understanding of your employment status clarifies the cost of indemnity and appropriate membership category.
  8. Report requests and subpoena

    Some frequently asked questions about report requests and subpoenas.
  9. Why should I insure my clinic?

    Although your individual MIPS membership includes indemnity insurance that can respond to your direct treatment of a patient, and supervision of others, here's why you also need to cover your practice
  10. Government Schemes

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