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  1. Post-webinar activity: Reflecting on your duty of care and the underpinning, legal, ethical and regulatory principles

    1-hour Reviewing Performance Activity Part A - Reading Section Doctors are legally obliged to provide their patients with care and treatment that reaches a reasonable standard of care and one which would be seen to be competent and profess...
  2. Webinar post-work

  3. ► Fostering Team Leadership

    We invite you to join us for the second instalment of the MIPS Career Leadership Series, Fostering Team Leadership . Whether you have no prior experience in leading others or are looking to learn how to maximize the performance of your team, this w...
  4. General Advice and Support

  5. ► Health practitioners' liability: an update on the scope and extent of your duty of care

    In this webinar, our expert panel of clinical and legal experts will delve into the scope of the duty of care of health practitioners and provide an update based on recent Australian court decisions, including those lead by MIPS.
  6. Obtain certificate or tax invoice

    Find out how you can get a copy of your Certificate of Membership, Member Benefit Statement or Risk Education certificate.
  7. Risk education certificate

    View and print your Risk Education certificates.
  8. Telehealth

    Telehealth represents a remarkable transformation in healthcare delivery, offering a host of benefits that include triage, diagnosis, effective treatment, and proactive preventatie health services. It's crucial, however, that you stay well-infor...
  9. ► Mandatory notifications - Supporting doctors and protecting patient safety

    Our first webinar of the year will explore your legal obligations to notify Ahpra if you've formed a reasonable belief that a health practitioner or student may be placing the public at risk by engaging in particular types of conduct in connection with their clinical practice.
  10. Notifications, Complaints or Claims

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