Updated Articles

  1. Placing your direct debit on hold

    You can request consideration for your direct debit to be placed on hold.
  2. Delegation of Authority

    Give permission to a third party to access your Membership information.
  3. No longer practising in Australia

    Prior to ceasing practice in Australia you need to update your membership details to obtain run-off cover
  4. How to extend your Reciprocal Cover

    To extend your reciprocal membership, contact us.
  5. Updating your student cover for commencing practice

    If you are in your final year of study or recently graduated, you can transition your student membership to reflect you have or will soon be commencing practice.
  6. Update your contact details

    Update your contact details anytime online.
  7. Medical retrievals and repatriation

    MIPS provides cover and assistance to members undertaking medical repatriation in Australia and may extend to repatriation of patients to Australia. For a list of conditions and restrictions refer to medical retrivals and repatriation in the Memb...
  8. Supervising other practitioners

    If you are supervising other practitioners (including students, nurses and trainees) you are required to have the recognised qualifications, training and experience for the services you supervise as well as maintain an appropriate level of indemnity...
  9. Good Samaritan Acts

    All members, including non-practising members, receive cover and benefits for Good Samaritan Acts worldwide (excluding the USA or where USA law applies).
  10. Medicare Audits

    We can assist with investigations and defence costs to defend investigations or complaints about inappropriate claims through the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Benefits of membership do not cover Medicare amounts to be repaid or any claims, ...
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