This webinar focuses on the complex and emotionally challenging area of voluntary assisted dying with the aid of subject experts from across Australia.


Voluntary assisted dying laws have now been passed in every Australian State. While voluntary assisted dying remains unlawful in the NT and the ACT, Commonwealth laws that prevented the territories from legalising voluntary assisted dying have now been abolished.  

If you don’t practise in end-of-life care, or even if you don’t want to offer voluntary assisted dying to your patients, it’s likely that you’ll encounter patients or relatives who ask you about voluntary assisted dying laws and how they may apply to them.  

It’s crucial that members understand their rights and obligations under voluntary assisted dying laws and remain respectful of the different views and choices terminally ill patients and their families make. Remaining objective and supportive to those who may choose not to participate in voluntary assisted dying processes is extremely important. 

We’ve gathered various case scenarios and put together a panel of subject experts from across Australia to help you navigate this emotionally challenging part of clinical practice and complex area of law. 

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Learning outcomes 

At the end of this session, participants will understand:  

  • Define where voluntary assisted dying is currently lawful in Australia. 
  • Demonstrate the lawful discussion of voluntary assisted and to assess capacity.  
  • Outline where to go to access further information, advice, and resources relevant to your jurisdiction. 

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