► Australian medical negligence litigation – A state of play

In Australia, although litigious action brought about by medical negligence is relatively rare and the publicity around cases that do appear before the courts is even lower, it is still a matter of concern for a number of MIPS members as they often want to know the score.

In this webinar we will aim to explore a list of considered ‘dos and don’ts’ to help limit your risk exposure. We will tackle litigation in Australia from our expert presenters, Rob Samut and David Maddocks. We will examine a selection of relevant case studies and recent case precedents to highlight the complexities of medical negligence in Australia.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  1. Discuss the potential for litigation and the current Australian litigation scene 
  2. Discuss relevant case study precedents and how they might apply to your practice 
  3. Describe practical strategies to implement in clinical practice to help you identify, prevent and manage the risk of litigation.


Rob Samut, Principal lawyer with Barry Nilsson is passionate about providing education and training to clients and the wider insurance and health care industries. He is recognised as a thought leader and is regularly asked to comment on insurance and risk issues and has been widely published in the area.

David Maddocks has practised in litigation with particular emphasis on professional indemnity and personal injury. He has extensive litigation experience and has been involved in defending claims against healthcare practitioners and advising MIPS members for the past 15 years.

Watch the webinar

1 Core PDP 1 hour CPD 2 Cat 2 Pts

Other Colleges and Associations may allow self assessment of CPD. For all on demand content MIPS provides a certificate of attendance detailing the activity.

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