► Opioid prescribing – Know your state's Law, reduce your risk

In Australia, opioid medicines must be prescribed, dispensed, documented, and destroyed in specific ways that are compliant with State and Territory’s specific drug regulations. This complexity is a common source of confusion among prescribers, as a legal prescription in one State may not be legal in another.

This webinar will equip you with a comprehensive update on S8 medicines prescription laws and provide you with easy-to-reference support materials to minimise the ambiguity around these requirements, therefore reducing the time you may spend correcting non-compliant prescriptions and therefore minimising your risk. The session will focus on Victorian, NSW and Queensland requirements but resources will be made available for each State and Territory.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  1. Identify the current State-specific requirements for obtaining authority to prescribe Schedule 8 (S8) medicines.
  2. Describe the current State-specific legal requirements for prescribing Schedule 8 (S8) medicines.
  3. Identify effective strategies to avoid potential conflicts with differing state regulations on opioid prescribing.


Nevena Brown, Principal at Meridian Lawyers has more than 25 years’ experience as an insurance lawyer. She also has experience with medical and allied health professional negligence claims and now acts for a range of health practitioners and health facilities. She plays a strategic role in advising medical defence organisations as well as peak allied health bodies throughout the country on topics ranging from the National Law to Medicare investigations and dealing with the media.

Andrew Smith from Ball & Partners has extensive experience assisting and defending members in relation to claims, complaints and investigations relating to prescribing.

Daniel Davison is Principal lawyer with Meridian and acts as panel solicitor for MIPS. He brings his expertise in medical negligence insurance litigation where he has defended practitioners in investigations and proceedings commenced by bodies such as AHPRA and Hospital & Health Service disciplinary processes. Daniel has experience in assisting and defending MIPS members in claims, complaints and investigations.

Watch the webinar

1 Core PDP 1 hour CPD 2 Cat 2 Pts

Other Colleges and Associations may allow self assessment of CPD. For all on demand content MIPS provides a certificate of attendance detailing the activity.

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