This webinar highlights your professional obligations as a health care professional in Australia to disclose certain professional and personal matters to regulators, employees and MIPS.

There are potential risks and consequences faced when proper or timely disclosure does not occur.  

Expert Healthcare Lawyer Andrew Smith, from the MIPS legal panel outlines your obligation to conform to the code of conduct under National Law and to disclose information to MIPS, Ahpra and your employer. You must be honest and open when it comes to your professional career and when sharing information with your indemnity provider.

Learning objectives

  1. Improve your understanding about national law disclosure obligations
  2. Understand notification and disclosure requirements of material matters to medical defence organisations
  3. Minimise risk to practitioner by appropriate disclosure , professional and ethical conduct


Andrew Smith, lawyer is a Director at Ball + Partners Law Firm in Melbourne. Andrew has over 20 years of experience assisting doctors in different circumstances, including claims for negligence, criminal practice involving defending health practitioners charged with a variety of criminal offences, the Coroners Court, Ahpra, Medicare, Drugs & Poisons Regulation, the Fair Work Commission, disputes with training colleges, hospitals and WorkSafe.  Andrew also has particular expertise in dealing with employment disputes, including claims for unfair dismissal and complaints of bullying and harassment.

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