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A cover letter and CV are the starting points for the majority of positions. What these documents say (and how they say it) may be what decides if you make it to the ‘Interview’ pile. It needs to look sharp and presentable, much like yourself when you have the interview. Having been studying for the good part of 7 (or more) years you may have very limited experience of the pleasure of writing a CV and attending an interview even though they are important parts of career progression.

This webinar is hosted by a panel with diverse experience and includes young professionals in the midst of career progression. It focusses on practical things you can do in your current role to try and secure the job you desire and achieve both your short and long term career goals… even if you don’t know them yet.

Learning objectives

  1. Prepare a compelling CV, resume and cover letter to adequately describe your professional experience and highlight your strengths 
  2. Evaluate what skills are required to excel in any style of interview whether it be in-person or remote 
  3. Implement these strategies to further develop a plan and progress in your career.


Olivia Paton - Medical Education Manager – Mater Hospital, South Brisbane

Dr Sam Koh - As a principal dentist, Dr Sam Koh graduated from Melbourne University with First Class Honours. He is co-founder of the Young Dentist Hub has a passion for mentoring.

Dr Caitlin Ross - Emergency Medicine registrar with West Moreton Hospital and Health Service, Qld Health

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* No CPD points will be awarded for this webinar.

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