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  1. Q&A: Risk Management for Oral Health Practitioners

    During a recent webinar on  Risk Management for Oral Health Practitioners , we had the pleasure of hosting guest presenter Sinead Wright, an experienced Oral Health Therapist and clinical educator. Her valuable insights on scope of...
  2. ► Risk Management for Oral Health Therapist

    This webinar will equip you with practical advice on assessing your scope of practice, gaining informed consent, and implementing risk management strategies to minimise potential claims, complaints, or investigations.
  3. RACGP Accredited Learning

    By combining risk education with a focus on practitioner wellbeing, MIPS provides comprehensive support to healthcare professionals, helping them navigate the complexities of their profession while prioritising ethical practice and personal welln...
  4. FAQs about Voluntary Assisted Dying

    Author: Dr Owen Bradfield In a recent  webinar , MIPS Chief Medical Officer, Dr Owen Bradfield addressed the most asked questions by our members regarding voluntary assisted dying (VAD).  While our panel of experts including ...
  5. Major cosmetic reforms effective 1 July 2023

    Author: Dr Owen Bradfield From 1 July 2023, there will be significant changes to the regulation of cosmetic surgery in Australia. These changes will have an impact not only on surgeons and practitioners conducting cosmetic surgeries and non-su...
  6. Navigating WorkCover Claims: Tips for Providing Medical Records

    Assisting patients with WorkCover claims can require a lot of resources. However, you can play a crucial role in getting their claim approved. If a patient pursues a claim, WorkCover (or their appointed insurer) will likely need access to their medical records.
  7. Updates in Telehealth Guidelines: What You Need to Know

    As a GP and a patient, I know how crucial, convenient, and commonplace telehealth has become over the last three years. However, in recent years, concerns have also been raised about the use of telehealth where there is no real-time interaction with patients. Therefore, I want you to know that the Medical Board of Australia has just released updated "Guidelines for telehealth consultations with patients”. They clarify the Board’s general requirements for when and how medical practitioners should use telehealth, particularly in light of new and emerging technologies and modes of delivery
  8. Case study: Supporting Patients through Voluntary Assisted Dying

    Early requests for VAD do create the best outcomes. Regardless of whether the doctor receiving the request plans to do the training or not, connecting your patient with the Care Navigator Service will allow your patient to access the right information.
  9. MIPS risk education and CPD FAQs

    Requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)   Medical technologies, treatments, and practises constantly advance over the course of a doctor's career, necessitating a lifelong dedication to learning. Conti...
  10. ► Voluntary Assisted Dying

    This webinar focuses on the complex and emotionally challenging area of voluntary assisted dying with the aid of subject experts from across Australia. Overview  Voluntary assisted dying laws have now been passed in every Australian State. ...
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