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This unit explains in detail the philosophy, history and benefits of an open disclosure of an adverse or unexpected healthcare outcome. This is very important to both patients and clinicians. This session will show you how you can appropriately engage in the open disclosure process with patients following an adverse clinical outcome. The principles explored in open disclosure apply to all health care professionals.

In this unit you will learn about: 

  • Open Disclosure history        Why Open Disclosure       The 8 key principles of The Open Disclosure Standard  
  • Fact Finding not Fault Finding       Preparation and How to Do It      Role of MIPS - the Notification Requirement

During the presentation,  Dr Rob Walters a General Practitioner from Tasmania and a previous clinico legal adviser at MIPS over many years will articulate all the principles of open disclosure you need to know. 

You will find some multiple choice questions and some case study video vignette content throughout the presentation. When you have finished the education you will also need to complete an evaluation. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance so you can demonstrate you have completed the unit and count it towards your mandatory continuing professional development requirement.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify the advantages of an open disclosure policy
  • State a working definition of open disclosure
  • Demonstrate how to implement open disclosure
  • Explain the importance of developing and implementing an open disclosure process within your practice

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