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When health practitioners are involved in civil litigation or are investigated by AHPRA, Medicare, Drugs & Poisons authorities, your hospital or by others, the personal impact on members can often be dramatic. Feelings of anger, defensiveness, regret, loss of confidence and stress are just some of the potential impacts.

In this important webinar for all members , we discuss the potential personal effect on health practitioners involved in such matters .Practitioners often feel helpless and do not know where to turn to, keeping the issues to themselves, not obtaining the expert advice they need so much .  

There is increasing research regarding these widely recognised consequences and an increasing wealth of practical advice on how to manage these often difficult times. 

The webinar will discuss some of the frequent professional and personal consequences that practitioners experience at such times and the various mitigating strategies that can be adopted to minimise adverse impact. In addition, it will become clear how MIPS can advise, assist, support and represent practitioners practising under such adversity. 

The webinar comprises of a combination of didactic presentation, video vignettes, case studies and a Q & A session. 

Practitioners will appreciate that it is not only “the bad doctors” that are subject to complaint, claim and investigation. When practising under such adversity, with the right advice and approach, you can successfully navigate that slippery slope and disembark successfully in terms of professional and personal health and wellbeing status. 


Hear from Dr Nichola Davis, GP and experienced MIPS clinico legal adviser on some of the frequent effects and mitigating strategies you can adopt to minimise any adverse impact.

Learning outcomes 

  • Describe the potential effects of a claim, complaint or investigation on practitioners
  • Identify resources who can assist and advise you negotiate this often difficult time
  • Develop a strategy to manage and cope with criticism of your practice.

There is a lot of research of these effects and additionally much useful advice on how you can best manage these often difficult times professionally and personally. 

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance you must view the entire webinar and complete a feedback form. You may pause the video but you cannot track forward or back.

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