This webinar is designed to update our members with the key improvements from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. 

Key functions of the Commission include: developing national safety and quality standards, developing clinical care standards to improve the implementation of evidence-based health care, coordinating work in specific areas to improve outcomes for patients and providing information, publications and resources about safety and quality.

Assoc Professor Amanda Walker is a Clinical Director at the Commission, a Specialist in Palliative Medicine as well as working with ANZA SIDM Society to improve diagnosis, a key contributor to improving diagnosis in Australia. Amanda will highlight recent key improvements from the Commissions activities and relate such work to the ongoing efforts of ANZA SIDM to improve diagnosis.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Discuss how the key functions of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare apply to different areas of practice
  • Identify important areas of clinico-legal risk related to patient safety, healthcare quality and diagnostic approaches.
  • Plan effective strategies to minimise the risk of diagnostic error and to improve the safety and quality of your care.

Watch the webinar