► Dental - The first 5 years - practising with confidence

This webinar is for dental members in their formative years and provides greater clarity around your scope of practice and how this impacts your legal and professional responsibilities and employment status.The good habits you develop early in your career will hold you in great stead for the rest of your professional life.

This is the first step to help you successfully transition from study to dental practice and includes strategies to balance your finances, protect your professional interests and focus on your well being.


Dr Sheng Zhang
BOH (Syd), BDS (Adel Uni Medal), Dental Officer (FLTLT) Air Force, Private Practice, Clinical Educator (Perio Syd), Contractor 

Learning outcomes

  1. Provide the capability to develop a clear career-path 
  2. Instil a need for a considered approach to your career
  3. Assist to recognise roadblocks and minimise regulatory and clinico-legal risk

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance you must view the entire webinar and complete a feedback form. You may pause the video but you cannot track forward or back.

Watch the webinar

1 hour CPD

Other Colleges and Associations may allow self assessment of CPD. For all on demand content MIPS provides a certificate of attendance detailing the activity.

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