Updated Articles

  1. Going remote - The highs and lows of a country practice

    Equip yourself with effective strategies to thrive in rural and remote practice.
  2. Member handbook

    Member Handbook Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide 1 July 2022 INDEMNITY INSURANCE POLICY MIPS ASSIST Downloads Member Handbook Membership classification guide Healthcare profession...
  3. Does your membership classification reflect your practice?

    Does your membership classification cover your practice?
  4. Ensure your membership classification reflects your practice

    Membership classification must reflect your practice | Medical Indemnity Protection Society
  5. Do you undertake surgical placement of dental implants?

    Ensure your retroactive cover date reflects your first date of practice in Australia or the date you first undertook any non-employer indemnified practice.
  6. Coping with error in the emergency department

    Learn how to cope with errors in the emergency department
  7. MIPS sponsored ANZA-SIDM - Improving Diagnosis Conference

    Learning to acknowledge that diagnosis is complex and learning to embrace it as an iterative task that often requires multiple perspectives and opinions is encouraged.
  8. Retiring or ceasing practice

    Information about indemnity when you cease practice or leave Australia.
  9. Retiring or no longer practising in Australia?

    When you cease practice in Australia, ensure you are appropriately covered for any emerging claims from your prior practice in Australia.
  10. Coroner’s Insight and Regulatory and Litigation Briefing (Qd)

    Responding to coroners' inquests, crafting death certificates, maintaining adequate professional indemnity insurance, undergoing Medicare and PSR audits can all be challenging
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