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  1. Essential tips for job seekers: Getting the interview

    You have found a role of interest. How do you give yourself the best chance of success? We have assembled some tips which we think may assist you in your quest to secure an interview. If you would like to explore education options MIPS has to offer,...
  2. The pitfalls when dealing with third parties in dental practice

    Dental healthcare practitioners work with various third parties to develop opportunities, promote public health and assist with modern commercial realities. This relationship impacts the delivery of dental care to patients and can sometimes prese...
  3. Securing cyber resilience for you and your practice

    How can I protect my practice entity's cyber security?
  4. ► Negotiation, Communication, Leadership – is your career on track?

    How doctors can prepare a compelling CV and cover letter to adequately describe your professional experience and highlight your strengths.
  5. Retiring or ceasing practice

    Information about indemnity when you cease practice or leave Australia.
  6. Run off cover and why you need it

    When you cease practice in Australia (permanently or temporarily), the potential for claims relating to your past clinical practice continues.
  7. Essential tips for job seekers: CV writing - Self reflections

    To explore other education offerings from MIPS, visit mips.com.au  Cover letter  Group task or self-learning exercise Fred (PGY3) wants to apply for a role which includes this statement: “Demonstrate an understanding of the ...
  8. How long do I require run-off cover?

    There is no set period for healthcare practitioners, and you must maintain 'appropriate' cover.
  9. Member Handbook

    Member Handbook Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide 1 July 2021 Downloads Member Handbook Membership classification guide Healthcare professionals in clinical practice face significant risk of compl...
  10. Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020

    A short guide for health practitioners to become aware of the constrains under this new legislation in Victoria to comply with the regulatory directives.
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