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  1. AHPRA reports drop in notifications

    AHPRA Annual report 2020/21 summary
  2. Independent Medical Exams - Conducting assessments for third parties

    Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) play a crucial role in ensuring individuals receive a fair and unbiased health assessment
  3. 🗒 Attitudes towards an international medical graduate

    Unfortunately as an IMG new to practice in Australia, you may face some guarded or even negative views from your patients.
  4. General advice and support

  5. Does MIPS' insurance cover refunds I make to patients or Medicare?

    Does MIPS' insurance cover refunds I make to patients or Medicare? No, MIPS' indemnity policy does not cover members for any repayments/reimbursements you have to make to Medicare, a pharmaceutical benefits scheme or a private health insure...
  6. Text message billing a major concern for PSR

    Review of the Professional Services Review Annual Report 2020/2021
  7. ► Practitioner wellbeing during Coronageddon

    This webinar is designed to assist members manage the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  8. Advice for GPs: Regulatory changes for nicotine vaping products

    Advice to GPs on nicotine regulation changes in treating smoking cessation
  9. Am I an employee or an independent contractor?

    How to understand the nature of the employment engagement that you are entering into with another party.
  10. 🗒 The secret spillers

    What could happen if you breach a patient's confidentiality and how to handle a complaint ?
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