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  1. Year in Review: 2023 Medico-Legal Wrap – Up

    What a year it has been for MIPS and its members! The healthcare industry witnessed numerous changes in 2023, including revisions to telehealth regulations, new guidelines for advertising and performing cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures, ...
  2. ► Year in Review: 2023 Medico-Legal Wrap – Up

    This webinar will conclude our series of webinars touching on topical medico-legal issues, legislation, and contractual issues in an informal and engaging discussion. In this session, our group of in-house experts will discuss: Telehealth: Tele...
  3. Electives and other healthcare activities

    MIPS membership provides indemnity cover for clinical placements and healthcare activities.
  4. Being Patient-Centred Is the Key to Gender-Affirming Care

    Author: Dr Clara Soo Known for her dedication to the LGBTIQ+ community, Dr Clara Soo has the rare experience of providing gender-affirming care to her patients but has also gone through the process of gender affirmation herself.   Now living ...
  5. How MIPS membership supports students

    As a future healthcare practitioner, you’ll need medical indemnity insurance to meet your registration requirements with Ahpra. Learn more at MIPS
  6. On demand education

    Accredited CPD in easy 1 hour blocks you can complete online.
  7. ► Budgeting and Cash Flow

    Manage your finances better by increasing your financial literacy and understanding how to budget effectively.
  8. ► Understanding insurance

    Learn about all types of insurance not just indemnity in this comprehensive unit
  9. Q&A: Risk Management for Oral Health Practitioners

    During a recent webinar on  Risk Management for Oral Health Practitioners , we had the pleasure of hosting guest presenter Sinead Wright, an experienced Oral Health Therapist and clinical educator. Her valuable insights on scope of...
  10. 🗒 Telehealth and the effective delivery of healthcare

    The increasing need for telehealth has changed the way practitioners practice medicine
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