The new Medical Board of Australia (“MBA") CPD registration standard came into effect for all medical practitioners from 01 January 2023.

The key call outs include:

  • All doctors will need a CPD home* by the beginning of 2024 
  • Professional development plans to be in place with CPD 
  • All doctors must complete 50 hours of mixed of CPD activities, including:

- 25 hours of reviewing performance and measuring outcomes 

- 12.5 hours of traditional learning or education activities

- 12.5 hours of free choice activities from the above three categories.

MIPS is not currently a CPD home, however our member risk educational activities, such as our webinars, may count towards your CPD hours.

We’ve responded to these changes by expanding our CPD offering to include new activity types in our webinar series, which can attract up to three hours of CPD.

These changes were reflected in our February webinar event on ‘Open disclosure and duty of candour’ with a three-part CPD program consisting of a pre-webinar ‘reviewing performance’ activity, the webinar itself as the ‘education activity’ and a post webinar ‘reviewing performance’ self-reflection activity. Combined, this event incorporated 3hrs of CPD for our members. In March our member webinar on ‘Health records – your no.1 risk mitigation tool’ offered 2.5hrs of CPD. The total CPD on offer may vary depending on the structure and format of the program, learning outcomes, scope of content and approved College Accreditation.  

 Overview of new CPD requirements

  • To achieve CPD for ‘’traditional learning or educational activities, you’ll need to attend the webinar event and complete the post-evaluation form.
  • To achieve full CPD for each ‘reviewing performance’ activities, you’ll need to complete both the pre-webinar and post webinar activities, or for reduced CPD, you can choose to complete just one part.
  • All CPD activities will be assessed and marked to the required CPD standards.
  • To meet your college conditions, we will advise you of any additional requirements or steps that you’ll need to undertake for CPD recognition.  
  • A Certificate of Completion will be provided for each activity completed within 14-days of the submission due date.

We’ve seen positive engagement with our new educational offerings and are pleased that we can support our members in their professional development requirements. Our February educational event provided an aggregate of 1,221 hours of CPD for registered participants.

We continue to work with college providers including RACGP, ACRRM, RACS, ACEM and RACP to seek accreditation for our webinar events. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our upcoming member webinar events at

Convenient 24/7 On Demand Education is also available at

*CPD Home: An organisation that is accredited by the Medical Board of Australia’s (the Board) accreditation authority, the Australian Medical Council (the AMC), to provide a CPD program(s) for medical practitioners. This organisation may be an education provider, another organisation with a primary educational purpose or an organisation with a primary purpose other than education.