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Summer’s here! You've been locked away studying for your exams and now they are all over, how do you unwind? #pauseforthought

We all need to be reminded about what we can do to make our lives easier even if those things might sometimes seem obvious. Developing good work/life balance habits will help keep you healthy and help prevent burnout.

It’s paramount that after a hectic period you take ‘time out’ to wind down so get working on a list of things you enjoy doing and set aside some time to get these annual ‘bucket list’ items ticked off.

Clear the decks

Clearing the clutter after exams is a great cleanser and also helps to clear the mind. Destroy or stow away your revision notes to help signify the end of an era. Studying is done, time to make room for your career.

Get on your hobby horse

Finding a hobby and getting some new skills helps relax the mind and gives you a new focus.

Take a holiday

Getting away from your study surroundings is a great way of unwinding.

Catch up with friends

You’ve been locked away and not been very social. Join a special interest group or reconnect with old friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Shop responsibly

Time for some retail therapy. Don’t go overboard, but getting some new threads usually lifts one's spirits if the budget permits.

Play sport

Exercise is the number 1 way of relieving stress. Getting those endorphins pumping and shifting your focus is a great way to get oxygen to all your organs and get that cardiovascular system working.


One of the best techniques to clear the mind. Take a few minutes a day to ‘switch off’. Put down your phone, get off your computer and just relax. Meditating provides relief from stress and anxiety. It reduces hypertension, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You’ll be amazed how this will also help you to sleep a lot better.

Write down your thoughts

Getting everything that’s in your head down on paper is a very therapeutic way of post exam recovery. You can use this technique whenever you are faced with a stressful time in your life. Formulating a plan for the next few months or just keeping a journal will aid in clearing your head.

Eat healthy

No more late night bingeing on junk food. Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses and grains. Balancing out your diet will help you feel healthier and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

Sleep well

Any time recovering will best be done while you are asleep. The biggest repairer, sleep goes way beyond boosting your mood, it also assists to regulate your heart, weight and mind.

Regulate your routine

Going back to a steady routine after all the late nights will cement all these tips into making you a more relaxed version of yourself.

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