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  1. Member handbook

    Member Handbook Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide 1 July 2022 INDEMNITY INSURANCE POLICY MIPS ASSIST Downloads Member Handbook Membership classification guide Healthcare profession...
  2. On demand education

    Accredited CPD in easy 1 hour blocks you can complete online.
  3. 12 Commandments to avoid AHPRA notifications

    How to deal with the threat of a notifcation by following these simple rules from AHPRA.
  4. AHPRA - Self-reflection is good healthcare practice

    How to use self-reflection and self-awareness techniques to become a better clinical leader
  5. 🗒 Smart time management for healthcare practitioners

    Equip yourself with the most effective and proven time management techniques
  6. 34% of AHPRA respondents experienced and/or witnessed bullying

    Synopsis of the 2021 Medical Training Survey results
  7. 🗒 "Do I need to self-report to AHPRA?"

    Understand your reporting obligations and when you should make a notification.
  8. 🗒 Informed consent - Your obligation, your patient’s right

    Learn the most critical aspects of informed consent conversations in healthcare.
  9. 🗒 Communication – it doesn’t have to be so clinical

    Equip yourself with top advice and strategies to improve your communication skills.
  10. ► Dr Dinesh Palipana: When obstacles can enrich the journey

    7 April 2021 | 24 mins 15 secs Dinesh Palipana OAM is an Australian doctor, lawyer, disability advocate and 2021 recipient of Queensland Australian of the Year. He is currently a Senior House Officer at Gold Coast Hospital and he shares some insigh...
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