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  1. Member Handbook

    Member Handbook Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide 1 July 2021 Downloads Member Handbook Membership classification guide Healthcare professionals in clinical practice face significant risk of compl...
  2. On demand webinars

    Accredited CPD in easy 1 hour blocks you can complete online.
  3. ✔ COVID-19 resources

    FAQs and resources for working during the COVID-19 pandemic for dcotors and dentists
  4. AHPRA - Self-reflection is good healthcare practice

    How to use self-reflection and self-awareness techniques to become a better clinical leader
  5. Administering vaccines: You and your practice

    Many practices will be administering the vaccine and should assess the potential liability of the practice and its staff and consider insurance coverage associated to these wider vaccine-related liabilities beyond the individual practitioner.
  6. 🗒 Internship - how to survive

    Soft skills you learn in your intern year will be absolutely critical to your future success as a doctor; unlike your knowledge of the Krebs cycle.
  7. 🗒 What to expect when you're 'interning'

    Sleep, exercise, laugh, stretch, have sex, have vegetables, call your parents, remember to vote.
  8. ► Dr Dinesh Palipana: When obstacles can enrich the journey

    7 April 2021 | 24 mins 15 secs Dinesh Palipana OAM is an Australian doctor, lawyer, disability advocate and 2021 recipient of Queensland Australian of the Year. He is currently a Senior House Officer at Gold Coast Hospital and he shares some insigh...
  9. Why should I insure my clinic?

    Although your individual MIPS membership includes indemnity insurance that can respond to your direct treatment of a patient, and supervision of others, here's why you also need to cover your practice
  10. 22% of all cyber security breaches within healthcare

    How to respond to cyber-attacks according to standards of best practice.
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