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  1. ► Key practice challenges - 2020 and beyond

    Learn about personal wellbeing, telehealth, opioid prescribing, and aged care.
  2. Open disclosure

    Equip yourself with effective tips on how to implement open disclosure frameworks in your practice
  3. Indemnity definitions made simpler

    Understand your medical indemnity obligations
  4. Health practitioner’s mental health – an MDO’s perspective

    Learn how to identify and support those around you who may be experiencing mental health challenges.
  5. ✔ Interview tips

    Equip yourself with effective tips to ace your next jobt interview.
  6. 🗒 My job/my career – how to deal with challenges

    Tips to look after yourself and where to seek assistance
  7. 🗒 Ethical negotiation of consent: Supporting decision-making in everyday practice

    As a healthcare practitioner, you may think of your role as one in which your main accountabilities are to assess an individual’s health and to deliver appropriate care interventions. However, after landmark clinico-legal disputes in Austra...
  8. 7.2% increase in notifications against practitioners - AHPRA Annual Report 2019-20

    There was a 7.2% increase in the number of notifications made against medical practitioners in the last year (5,745 vs 5,359) and a 4.7% increase in notifications for dental practitioners.   The most common types of notifications are complaint...
  9. Why should I insure my clinic?

    Although your individual MIPS membership includes indemnity insurance that can respond to your direct treatment of a patient, and supervision of others, here's why you also need to cover your practice
  10. Navigating the ‘fitness to drive’ assessment

    Guide for healthcare practitioners to assess an older patient’s fitness to drive with a brief outline of differing laws in each state.
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