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  1. Death, the final complication - New South Wales

    What is the purpose of a MCCD? To notify deaths to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the relevant State or Territory in which the death occurred. It enables an authority to be provided to the funeral director to arrange disposal of t...
  2. ► Final year dental students interview skills

    How to prepare for an interview, dental students.
  3. Employment contract basics for healthcare practitioners

    Equip yourself with the basic principles and knowledge of contracts in healthcare.
  4. Why do students need MIPS membership?

  5. Death, the final complication FAQs (Queensland)

    How to write a death certificate in QLD?
  6. ► CV Writing - How to succeed in getting the interview (QLD)

    How to write the best CV and cover letter for doctors
  7. ► Sharpen your interview skills

    Applying for your desired position necessitates a methodical and determined approach. How do you put yourself in the best possible position to get the job you want? In this session, Prof Brian Wood provides his insight specifically for junior doctor...
  8. ✔ Essential tips for job seekers: Sharpen your Interview skills

    You have been successful at getting a job interview for a role in which are highly interested. How do you give yourself the best chance of success? Most of the work that you do for an interview will be before the interview. We have assembled some ti...
  9. ► Negotiation, Communication, Leadership – is your career on track?

    How doctors can prepare a compelling CV and cover letter to adequately describe your professional experience and highlight your strengths.
  10. Essential tips for job seekers: CV writing - Self reflections

    To explore other education offerings from MIPS, visit  Cover letter  Group task or self-learning exercise Fred (PGY3) wants to apply for a role which includes this statement: “Demonstrate an understanding of the ...
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